Pandemic is the name of a planet and a nation that is located billions of kilometers from the Earth. Pandemic is a planet very distant and still unknown to the Earth but it will soon be discovered. Pandemic is a nation of 10 billion people. There is a dictatorial regime in Pandemic. My name is PAN and I am the dictator president of Pandemic. Why am I a dictator and why do I decide everything for people? It is simple, because Pandemic is a dangerous and scary nation where there is a huge fear and only I can guide people. People have to thank me and that’s what they do everyday.

We have important laws governing Pandemic nation:
– All people are under my control.
– Freedom does not exist. Freedom exists only for me.
– I decide what people have to do and what they don’t have to do in all fields.
– I decide what is best for people’s health. When I decide, any vaccination becomes mandatory.
– The information in the media is completely controlled by me and is decided by me. The law prohibits alternative information because it is only fake news.
– We don’t have cash money. We only have electronic money. I have total control over people’s money. I decide everything, if a person bothers me, I put a zero on his bank account with a click. Yes, I have a very fun life.
– All people have a microchip located in the body. With the microchip I know everything about everyone and I can do anything with anyone. The microchip was installed in the ass of all people. With microchip in the ass people are safer. People have to say “thank you”.

I created PandemicCoin for you, people on planet Earth. PandemicCoin is the cryptocurrency of the Pandemic nation. Obviously, PandemicCoin is a great investment because the progress of Pandemic is stronger than Earth. PandemicCoin is the simple payment system built on the Ethereum network. PAN is the symbol of PandemicCoin and PAN it’s me. I like the symbol name. Token supply are 10 billion like Pandemic population. Certainly, the potential of PandemicCoin is huge.

Thank you,